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SPROUT (NBCUniversal) has relocated to New York City! "The Sunny Side Up Show" broadcasts LIVE every morning from 9am-noon out of the iconic 30 Rock Center.


Tune in on the SPROUT channel to see more chicken shenanigans, and follow Emily on Facebook/Twitter/Instagramfor some awesome celeb cameos!


Check out the article about SPROUT in Variety Magazine HERE.



New Host on the SPROUT Channel!


Emily is the new host of "The Sunny Side Up Show," which is a morning kids programming on the SPROUT Channel. She will be singing, dancing, arts-and-crafting, and hanging out with Chica the Chicken! Stay tuned for videos posted here, or watch her LIVE from 9am-noon EST! Check out her first song on air!

Signed with new Agency!


Emily just signed with a new talent agency and is so excited to work with such an amazing group! She will be represented by Henderson Hogan Talent Agency for Theater, Film, and Television.

Opening Act for Jay Leno at the Mayo Performing Arts Center


Emily sang with ELEMENT and opened the show for Jay Leno at the Mayo Performing Arts Center in New Jersey as a part of his stand up comedy tour. 

Jay was a gracious guy and it was a pleasure working with him. Thank you to everyone at MPAC for making this a night to remember!


Lincoln Center Holiday Concert; "Broadway's Future Songbook Series"


Emily is so proud and honored to be a part of this musical's journey. She performs "Snow" from the musical Clouds are Pillows for the Moon by T. Defoe and Tidtaya Sinutoke (both graduates of NYU's Graduate Musical Theater Writing Program).


The concert was directed/produced by Erica Ruff and hosted by John Znidarsic.

"The Sing Off" Tour! And a new CD!


The show may be over but there's more for Element! Check out The Sing Off Tour coming to a city near you! Element will be making an appearance on tour on 2/21 and 2/23. Come say hello! Check out more tour info here.


We've also raised enough money to make a new album so we will be releasing that soon! Stay tuned!!

Episode 3 of "The Sing Off" - Generations (Decades)


Element continues on in the competition and this time they are throwing it back and singing a hit from the 1960s. They sparkle and shine (literally. Like a giant disco ball!) with a SUPREME-ly classic song. Check it out!

NBC's New York Live Segment


Check out Emily and Element on NBC's New York Live segment today! You can see their interview and performance here. 


Be sure to watch Element again TONIGHT,

December 16th at 10Pm on NBC's "The Sing Off"

Episode 2 of "The Sing Off" - Party Anthems


Element is SAFE for round 2, which is great since Episode 2 is "Party Anthems." The NYC ladies work hard and play hard. Check out their rendition of P!nk's "Raise Your Glass," Ben Folds, Jewel, and Shawn Stockman called Emily "fantastic" and complimented the cool opening and bridge of the song! Watch the full episode on for some athletic fist pumping.

Element on the homepage of NBC, Hulu, and Brown University


The girls of Element know how to rock a Sing Off entrance, and it's by strutting onstage carrying fire. Check out the homepage of as well as to see all of the sparkles you could possibly imagine! Follow us on Twitter @elementvocals

We will be live tweeting every episode! Emily will be live tweeting as well... she's getting the hang of it. Thanks, Sing Off! Don't you want all the behind the scenes action??@emilyborromeo


Reviews are in for "The Sing Off" group Element!


Emily's group is getting great reviews on their performance on "The Sing Off." We have been ranked in the Top 4 groups left remaining and noted as "a force to be reckoned with." 


"Meet Element"

Ranked in the Top 4!

Emily's NBC Debut on "The Sing Off"


The ferocious NYC ladies of Element gave a sizzling performance on "The Sing Off" tonight. They sang the group's signature song, "Burn" by Ellie Goulding and got rave reviews from the judges on their musicality, style, and ability to do it all in heels and dresses. They definitely took a page out of Ginger Rogers' book! Check out their performance and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! @elementvocals

The Sing Off's Element covers "Royals" by Lorde

Emily performed this cover of "Royals" (originally by Lorde) in a press interview at "Hollywood Life." Check out the performance and make sure to watch these talented chicks from NYC strut their stuff! Thanks to Andy and the whole crew at Hollywood Life! 


Emily on this season of NBC's "The Sing Off"


Emily will be singing on a cappella's biggest stage this December, with her all-female group "Element." Hosted by Nick Lachey;  with judges Shawn Stockman, Jewel, and Ben Folds. Make sure you grab a nice beverage, get cozy, and tune in this holiday season for lots of great musical performances!

Check out the first promo here!

"Good Morning America" on ABC!


Check out Emily on "Good Morning America LIVE"-- she models Anne Hathaway's Oscars 2013 look-for-less! She had a fabulous time on set but needed lots and lots of coffee for this early morning shoot!


Broadway Barkada Concert - "So This Is Love"


Emily will be singing with her fellow Filipinos in a concert on February 9th. Performance at DROM on the Lower East Side. Lots of talent in this line up! Check out her performance in the Videos section!

Prospect Musical Theater Lab


Emily is joining the cast of The Prospect Theater's 2013 Musical Theatre Lab! This company was named one of the 10 best theater companies of 2012 by The Huffington Post, and Emily is excited to get to work! Runs February 22-March 1st at the West End Theater. 

The Manhattan Dolls


Emily is In the Mood to Boogie Woogie with "The Manhattan Dolls," NYC's swing-style female vocal trio. She is excited to tour the world with these talented ladies, singing tunes from the 1920s-1960s. Her first show will be the 23rd Annual "Lake in the Sky" air show in the gorgeous Lake Tahoe, CA this August! Check out the dolls here!


"Marco Polo" - a new musical workshop


Emily is off to Binghamton (aka the "Bing-hamptons"), New York to develop two new musicals with Prospect Theater Company and the Goodwill Theatre Company. She will be workshopping the role of Kokachin in "Marco Polo." The writers Peter Mills and Deborah Abramson are fantastically talented. Check them out!


"The Tinsmith" ... ooooh, an Indie Film!


This month Emily is filming her first film which will hit the film festival circuit throughout the country this year. She plays Melodee, a vivacious, intriguing, girl-next-door cellist who makes the boys weak in the knees. Directed by Johnny Rebecchi and Charles Chester; Scrapping the Tinman Productions

Story Pirates! ARRGH you ready for us?!


Emily has just joined forces with NYC's amazing education and media organization, The Story Pirates. The Pirates celebrate the words and ideas of young people, equipping them with tools for verbal, written, and artistic expression. Emily will be helping turn kids' stories into exciting theatrical/sketch musical comedy shows and performing these shows for kids and schools nationwide. Check out more awesome Story Pirate goodness here!


Jon Stewart and Conan O'Brien are Story Pirates too! :)

Emergen-C...Feel the good!


Emily just filmed a national commercial for Emergen-C, the fruity vitamin mix drink! Check out the TV commercial, airing in November. You can also hear the ads on the radio or see them in magazines such as US Weekly, Women's Health, and Shape!

"I'll Be Damned" at the Vineyard Theater


Emily has been cast in JARADOA's Off-Broadway premier of the musical comedy "I'll Be Damned," by NYU's Rob Broadhurst and Brent Black. She will be playing the roles of Liz/Shax (rap and hip hop solo... you're welcome). The show runs at The Vineyard Theater from July 1-18.

Marcy Park in "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"


Emily is leaving the crisp autumn air of NYC for the sunny beaches of Florida. She will be playing Marcy Park (a dream role!) in Riverside Theatre's production of Spelling Bee. She is P-S-Y-C-H-E-D!

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